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Official Loud On Seventh Music Events:

Thursday, September 12th

Double Decker: Karaoke @ 7pm-12pm
5Star Dive Bar: Kickoff Showcase @ 8pm-1am
Prana: Kickoff Party @ 10pm-3am (Get Tickets)

Friday, September 13th

The Bricks: Art Show & Concert @ 7pm-12am
Drip Ybor: Soul on Paper @ 8pm-12am (Get Tickets)
Crowbar: Beanie Sigel Concert @ 9pm-2am (Get Tickets)
Club Skye: After Party @ 10pm-3am
Lion's Den: Reggaeton Party @ 10pm-3am

Saturday, September 14th

Prana: Day Party @ 12pm-7pm
Club Skye: Vendors Event @ 2pm-6pm
Crowbar: Real Rap Panel @ 1pm-2pm (Get Tickets)
Crowbar: Indie Concert @ 2pm-8pm
Cuban Club: Concert @ 3pm-11pm
The Bricks: Art Show & Concert @ 4pm-9pm
5Star Dive Bar: Showcase @ 7pm-1am
Lion's Den: Up North Party @ 9pm-2am
Crowbar: Snow Tha Product @ 10pm-2am (Get Tickets)
Club Skye: After Party @ 10am-3am


The Bicks: Artshow & Concert
NY NY Pizza: Pizza Party
Zydeco: Panel
Cuban Club: TBA
Club Skye: Party/Concert

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AYCH (@aych302)

Hansel “Aych” Wilson, born in Wilmington, Delaware moved to Tampa Florida in 2004 where he fell in love with the music scene. Jumping head first into the music culture of Tampa as an artist, he began performing, touring and building his brand.

From there he started hosting parties, a tv show and started an open mic night which is currently the longest running hip hop open mic in tampa history. Aych became one of the city’s hip hop influencers and and more prominent figures. In 2018 Aych and Buckwheat teamed up to bring a new experience to Tampa called “Loud on Seventh”. September 12th through the 15th, 2019 is the date, ybor is the place. “Hopefully this is history in the making” says a very determined Aych.
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BUCKWHEAT (@BuckwheatOtay)

I am a person who has dreams, follows them, and hopes to inspire others along the way. I draw most of my inspiration from the people I surround myself with and the events that I attend.

I grew a love for music and entertainment starting like many others, at church, in my homestate of Texas. My dream of working in radio developed around the age of 8 after joining a friend’s dad at work, who was an on-air personality at the local radio station. I moved to Tampa, FL years ago and joined the street team for WILD 98.7, out in the community every day, meeting people and developing lasting relationships. I never gave up on the dream of being an on-air personality and eventually worked my way to be the cohost for The Nuthouse, on (now) WILD 94.1. My occupation has afforded me the ability to visit many places and has blessed me with the opportunity to meet a lot of different people. I love to learn through these conversations and asking questions any chance I get. I have been watching the music scene in Tampa for a long time now. It has come time to showcase the talent here. We want to introduce the people of Tampa to the artists they may not be aware of in their own city and invite others from around the globe to come see it too. One of my passions is to bring people from all different walks of life together, in an atmosphere of love and respect, with the expectation of creating even greater music collaborations. Join me in this adventure we are about to embark upon, bringing out the best in all of us and let’s make history while we are at it.